We’ve faced Shopify vs. Magento and compared them in details – Key takeaways

In this era, selecting the best enterprise e-commerce platform is a challenging task. The internet is providing an opportunity for different companies to come up with various platforms. Due to this, you may not know the platform that will work well for your business. However, two giant platforms can enhance the growth of your business. Magento enterprise and Shopify plus stands out to be the world’s leading platforms. Their only difference is the features they offer.

So how can you know the best platform? You will only have to define your business requirements and your budget. Also, spending most of your time on the internet to look at their distinct features is essential. With this, you will choose one that will match with your business requirements and budget. Here are 4 features that will enable you to select the right platform:

Multiple store management

Magento enterprise and Shopify plus are two great enterprise e-commerce platforms that will help you manage the large businesses. Magento migration services a leading platform for multiple store management. You can run more brands from one interface. And because having more than one store can lead to higher revenue, you need to give this platform a priority.
Shopify plus lacks the multiple store management feature. However, if you are running one store, it can be the best.

Selling products internationally

Selling to international customers is a great way to earn a tremendous amount of money. Most of these customers can pay more money for your products as long as they are of high quality. Magento enterprise supports multi-languages. With this, customers will understand more about your products. It translates a message into various languages. Thus, you can communicate effectively with your customers. As you know, communication is essential in every business. Hence, having Magento as your enterprise e-commerce platform could be a good idea.
Also, it supports multiple currencies to allow international customers to use one of their choices. With this, you can enhance their experience, and they will come back to make purchases. Shopify plus does not support multiple currencies and languages. However, it is working hard to allow merchants to manage all currencies in a single place.


Having an enterprise e-commerce platform that aligns with your budget is essential. If you have budgetary constraints, you need to select Shopify plus. It will enable you to run your business successfully without challenges of lacking money for expanding the business. It charges an amount of $ 2,000 per month. With this amount, you will not have to pay for the licensing and support costs because it will cover them. Also, it covers most of the essential features that you may need to enhance your business functionality.
The Magento enterprise charges high amount. You will pay an amount of $ 20,000 per year. However, this is not a fixed amount.

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Ease of use

If you are a retailer without any design skills, you can consider using Shopify plus. It will allow you to create a professional enterprise website without hiring a designer. It comes with ready-made templates which you will drag and drop to a place of your choice. If challenges occur when building the site, you can contact their customer support which will provide you with positive feedbacks at the right time.
The Magento enterprise is a self-hosted platform. It does not come with its features. Hence, you will have to do a lot of coding to design a professional website. With this, it can be a challenging task for the newbies, and they will have to involve professionals. Also, it does not have reliable customer support. You can place questions and stay for more days without feedback.

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