Choosing Shopify Plus

Choosing Shopify Plus Over Magento Is The Best Decision For Your Business In 2018!

Out of vast number of enterprise ecommerce platforms out there, you must find the one that fits as per your needs. While Shopify and Magento Commerce are built to cater smaller businesses, both of them also brings their enterprise-level versions – Shopify plus and Magento Enterprise to table. This way mid-size and larger enterprise takes advantage of these popular ecommerce platforms.

Shopify offers fixed pricing while Magento has various pricing plans.

While choosing e-commerce platforms for your business, you must know their pricing plans. Pricing may include more than setup and operating cost. Transaction fees and credit card charges are also part of it. Before you choose the solution, make sure you know which pricing plan to opt for. When you compare Shopify VS Magento on pricing, you will find that Shopify costs you monthly, whereas there is no exact pricing in Magento. You need to ask Magento specialists for a quote and they decide cost after looking at size of your business.

Shopify provides never-ending support, where Magento doesn’t.

As an enterprise-level business owner, you are not a newbie anymore. But still, who knows when things can get worse. You can never deny the importance of accessing support at any time of the day. When you’re running enterprise business, you might not want to waste time on resolving platform related issues. You have other important things to do.

Luckily, Shopify comes out on top by letting you access support services via emails, phone and live chat. However, Magento doesn’t offer any official customer services. You can only find platform related queries on Magento forums and in its documentation.

Magento offers ecommerce themes and ability to tweak, whereas Shopify put limits to customization.

An online store is incomplete without templates and designs. So, you must choose the solution that can deliver you the best themes to captivate visitor’s attention and earn more revenue. In case you don’t want to start from scratch, pick highly-responsive templates from Shopify. However, enterprise users who have a solid coding background can create custom-designed themes using Magento. Since Shopify is a hosted platform, you get the limited customization ability than that of Magento.


In the end, both Shopify and Magento have great offerings to enterprise users. These are most used ecommerce platforms which help you enhance your revenue and efficiently manage your online store. Whichever you decide between the two, make sure you realize what’s best for your venture.