Shopify Plus vs Magento

Shopify Plus vs Magento: Mobile Capabilities, Support, and Community Size Comparison

Deciding between Shopify Plus vs Magento can make a huge difference in your business! Here is how these two platforms compare in terms of support, community size, and mobile capabilities!

The ecommerce solution you use can affect your customers’ experience, satisfaction, and help make your brand more competitive. If you are trying to decide between Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise, here is what you need to know.

Shopify is an easy to use tool that anyone can use. Magento is a little bit complex and requires professional assistance. The extensions eliminate the use of web developer and coding. Magento comes with an admin panel that is simple for new business owners to learn. The checkout process, as well as, the customer sales funnel are exceptional with Shopify Plus. Ecommerce solution Shopify has features that make the checkout process a breeze. It also includes a one-page checkout.

Shopify has a fast and easy shop setup, admin search, marketing features, and customer groups for organization and campaign management.

Magento has an easy order management system, comprehensive catalog management, smooth SEO integration, numerous payment and shipping options, advertising, promotion, and marketing tools.

Both platforms offer 24/7 live chat, phone support, email, so business owners can get professional help at any time. Shopify Plus offers an active community and plenty of helpful resources for beginners. You can easily find a qualified customer representative that can help you solve a problem.

Shopify and Magento are both used by thousands and thousands of successful merchants and brands from all over the world. Shopify’s most popular clients are Kylie Cosmetics, Budweiser, The Economist, and others, while Magento’s well-known clients are Ford, Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Olympus, and others.

When it comes to mobile capabilities, Magento offers a mobile-friendly commerce, with a full website catalog browsing. Shopify Plus also allows mobile capabilities and these options are free of charge for all existing sellers.

If ease of use, support, and mobile capabilities are concerns, Shopify is a widely used ecommerce solution and a perfect option for the future of your online store. Starting with Shopify Plus will be absolutely beneficial for you, especially because you don’t have to switch to a different platform to grow your business. You can check all the features Shopify Plus offers and ensure that this is the right ecommerce solution for you and your business!